We ourselves at Dynasty, are gamers at heart and therefore believe gameplay comes first!

Our established team of veteran game developers all share an inherent passion for player-driven experiences, and we are on a mission to create projects that puts the gamer first!

Ordinary games become extraordinary when you work in unity with your community!


Second to none

The gaming industry is entering into a new paradigm – and we are trailblazers in this new era! We see a future where the true and ultimate potential of digital ownership is inherently tied to the player and community driven experience.

Our games are designed with this vision at its core and will pave the way through this new paradigm of true Web3 gaming.

Dynasty is reshaping the future of gaming powered by blockchain technology and we will blaze a trail that always prioritizes player-engagement and entertainment.



Dynasty Studios was founded by Ali Emek, former Managing Director of Logic Artists together with serial entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast, Cem Ercan and previous Technical Director of Logic Artists, Juan Ortega. Ali and Juan co-founded Logic Artists back in 2011 and are two of the creators of the Expeditions Franchise, packing more than 10 years of experience in the games industry.

Dynasty Studios is a VC-backed game company creating next-generation games. Striving to lead the mass adoption of blockchain technology through never-before-seen gameplay experiences, we are shaping the future of gaming!

Together we are creating new, superior player experiences powered through community ownership and player-driven economies.

With our team growing rapidly since the start of 2022, Dynasty has fast-moving and expansive plans in the pipeline for the coming year – and we can’t wait to soon share them with you and the world!


"All things considered, we have a “gamer first” approach. We want to create games where both gameplay in itself can be a singular experience, but where the added layer of player creation, community trading and blockchain-enabled asset ownership, will facilitate a new depth to traditional multiplayer games"

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