Discover Dynasty: April News 2022

We all know how time flies when you are having fun. At Dynasty, it flows even faster.

The month of April has gone in a blink of an eye and it’s already that time of the month. So strap in and get ready for a gripping recap of Dynasty’s latest accomplishments!

Dynasty leads meet in Istanbul

Dynasty leads meetup to work wonders

At the beginning of April, the development leads gathered to plan the next major steps at Dynasty. After 4 days full of workshops, discussions, and presentations we are head to toe ready to take off onto the next chapter of our journey. 

Mum’s the word, but there are exciting plans in the pipeline that we can’t wait to announce soon!

Dynasty attends Top Dog Beach Club Event!

Zoom screenshot of Ali Emek (CEO) and Nat Nawrocki (Communications Mgr) from Vuffenhagen 2022

Vuffenhagen 2022 was a thrilling weekend of art, NFTs, and tech talks organized by Anders Glud Jensen & Top Dog Beach Club in Copenhagen. 

Our very own CEO Ali Emek and Communications Manager Natascha Nawrocki spoke out about the topic “Future Potential of Digital Assets in Gaming”. From a refreshing game developer’s perspective, they covered the topic with the following subheadings; “NFTs today”, “community is the key” and “tomorrow’s digital assets.”

We would like to thank Top Dog Beach Club for inviting Dynasty Studios to their latest event, Vuffenhagen 2022. As this is only the beginning, stay tuned on our socials to be the first to know about our future attendances!

New Dynasty merch arrives!

Perfect packages of Dynasty merch shipped to the office

Glorious gifts have arrived in our office in luxurious velvet boxes filled with incredible Dynasty team merch! Shout out to our amazing Operations team who have been overseeing these superb sets of items for Dynasty team members. 

We look forward to sharing this swag as giveaways with our community in the future. Take a closer look at the next section and maybe you’ll be the first to win this badass box!

Instagram is officially live

Scan the QR code to follow Dynasty Studios on Instagram

We are excited to have one more platform to connect with you – Instagram! 

Follow Dynasty Studios on Instagram and stay updated on company news, announcements, giveaways, as well as the daily life at our offices in Copenhagen and Istanbul. We are working hard to deliver Dynasty news in the best ways possible. 

Those that have been following from the beginning will get to see how it all unfolds. Don’t forget to check out all our socials via Dynasty Linktree!

Stay tuned and happy gaming!

The Dynasty Team


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