Discover Dynasty: Copenhagen Office

The well-known city of fairy tales, Copenhagen, is home to our main office at Dynasty Studios. We make fantasies become a reality with our adventurous and ambitious team. Office life in Denmark is full of creative energy, celebratory events, and glorious game nights!

Come Join Us by the Canal

You will feel right at home on your first day crossing over canals and setting foot on Copenhagen’s cobblestone-filled streets. Embraced by the sea and often a mysterious fog, this humble city is buzzing with culture and comforts.

The city has a charm that even the most Scandinavian gray and rainy days can never take away. Copenhagen is on the Coastal Island, Zealand, with a vast scene of cafes, bars, and restaurants. You will discover many warm and cozy places to meet with your friends and loved ones. Plus there’s always something exciting going on to shake up the otherwise tranquil rhythm of the city.

Copenhagen History

Right in the Center of it All

The Danish Dynasty Office is placed in the center of Nyhavn – the famous brightly-coloured coastal canal and entertainment district in Copenhagen (dated back to the 17th-century). The entire city is served up on a platter, the moment you leave the office, with a concentrated area of high-end art galleries, Nordic furniture shops, shopping malls, theaters and an abundance of small tranquil parks. The district surrounding the office will never leave you missing a cozy corner to grab a bite or a hip place to enjoy the vast selection of Danish craft beer after work hours.

At the Copenhagen Office you’ll find a creative and talented bunch of personalities in an inclusive environment, where we always strive to have fun. After-work social gatherings are highly cherished and we always prioritize coming together to celebrate when celebration is due! We embrace every walk of life – even the mortal Frenemies of the Danish; our dear Swedish colleagues in Malmö, who commute to the office on a quick train ride over the water. They usually bring the best magic (cards) and engaging conversations to the office and are always up for joining an intense board game session!

Dynasty Studios team photo from mid-2021

Hans Rauer, Lead Game Designer at Dynasty Studios says, “This is an office where your motivation and enthusiasm is never limited. Everyone in the office is there out of passion for the product and the company”.

Make your Fairy Tale come true

If the magic of the Copenhagen spirit is something you see yourself submerging into, don’t hesitate to pop over to our website to check out all open positions!

Currently the Copenhagen office has around 25 employees with hiring going full-speed ahead. The goal is to fill the office with many new faces and exquisite talent throughout the year.

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