Discover Dynasty: Istanbul Office

Living in Istanbul, the “ever-mutating mirage”, is one of the incredible office options at Dynasty Studios.

Imagine a fast-paced city positioned between two different continents with a beautiful blend of multicultural experiences. As a result, the city is filled with incredible food, lively music, and exciting events for every taste.

Explore the Fascinating Seafront District of Moda

Some say Istanbul’s beauty comes from its chaos – some say anyone who lives in this city will have at least one unique experience to take with them. For us, it’s all the above and more!

Historically speaking, hear about Istanbul’s legendary legacy in a quote below:

“In the streets of this labyrinthine city, all the confusion of humanity wanders. Nobody leaves, nothing is forgotten. Each age has staggered and left its share to this city. And every street will remain as an exhibition of Istanbul’s past, present, and future that will live forever.” -Jan Morris, Welsh historian

Check out the view down the road of our office (Leylek Street, Moda)

The Istanbul office is in the fascinating seafront district of Moda and is referred to as the Anatolian/Asian Side of Istanbul. Home to many ex-pats, musicians, painters, and youngsters, the unforgettable city enjoys a beautiful view of the Bosphorus.

Prepare to experience city life with a refreshing breeze that fills the air. It’s a great neighborhood for those who are drawn in by creative minds, street art, intriguing architectural aesthetics, rich history, oh… and cats!

Just one of many cats in Istanbul

The Dynamism of the City Inspires Us

Benefiting from the abundance of options, the Istanbul team organizes events across different parts of the city. Serra, Office Manager in Istanbul, explains the importance of team gatherings with these words:

“As the Dynasty Istanbul team, we like to do our best to be creative and productive, as well as celebrate the good things in life. We prioritize organizing events and gatherings often because we like to spend quality time with our teammates, get to know each other better in different environments, and most importantly have fun. The more we share new experiences together, the more we feel the team spirit grows stronger. Social gatherings are something for us to look forward to and get excited about, rather than an obligatory company event. So much so that some of our remote team members don’t hesitate to travel all the way from different cities to attend.” 

Dynasty Studios Istanbul team photo from mid-2021

If you have fallen in love with Istanbul already, we support options for current and future employees looking to relocate to our offices. Moreover, we look forward to sharing our future experiences both in and out of the game!

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Stay tuned and happy gaming!

The Dynasty Team


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