Discover Dynasty: July News 2022

With the heatwave and all our hard work, the Dynasty team is breaking a lot of sweat this summer. July was a rejuvenating month for the Dynasty team as we celebrated a company-wide summer break for two weeks and attended the EthCC Paris event!

Here’s a captivating recap of what July looks like at Dynasty Studios! 

Dynasty Team Blazes New Trails! 

First two weeks of July was vacation time for the Dynasty team and of course, we made the most of it!

We took advantage of our exploratory spirits throughout the vacation by blazing new trails and creating new memories. While some were dancing with the waves in the ocean, some enjoyed climbing into the mountains, and others enjoyed the breezy summer nights along the Aegean coast.  

We shared our experiences across the world and can always look back on them when we need inspiration. Now that we are back in the office all fueled up, we are ready to pick up where we left off!  

Happy Hour at EthCC Paris

The Dynasty team couldn’t pass up an exciting invitation to the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) in Paris. This event was one of the largest European Ethereum events focused on technology, community, networking, and learning.

Meet-ups were heating up for all the attendees at the Happy Hour event organized by Framework Ventures, Maven Capital, and Flow Traders

Until next time, au revoir Paris! 

Istanbul Teams up at our Transitional Office!

The Dynasty Istanbul team arrives at our temporary transitional office while the new main office is being prepared in all its glory. From now on the team will conquer the European side of Istanbul!

It is always wonderful to be able to connect with team members over early morning coffees and face to face meetings. As the office progress continues, expect even more content coming from Istanbul to your inbox! 

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Stay tuned and happy gaming!

The Dynasty Team


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