Discover Dynasty: June News 2022

June has been an outstanding month for Dynasty in 2022 with all its celebrations and innovations. As we get closer to our next big announcement, our hard work has been paying off with our ideas and creations getting incarnated slowly but surely. 

We all know hard work bears fruit! 

Before we get to share our fruitful rewards with you, here’s an exciting summary of standout moments at Dynasty this June.

Dynasty Takes NFT Summit Istanbul by Storm

As Dynasty Studios, we are proud to have found the opportunity to make our own contribution to the future of gaming at NFT Summit Istanbul, which has created a quality creation and collaboration space by bringing Turkey’s local crypto community together. We played our part by holding a talk on “The Future of Play” and shared our vision explaining the driving force of our creations and why we believe that the combination of gaming and decentralization is important.

The Dynasty team had a blast at the NFT Summit Istanbul. Dynasty´s epic booth was setup in an all black velvet and had sweet accomodations for everyone that showed interest in our project and vision. It was a pure joy to be able to have rich conversations about the future of games and the eye-opening new possibilities that blockchain technology can bring to our lives. 

Thanks to everyone that visited us in Istanbul, we are looking forward to our next live event to meet more of you!

Dynasty Partners with Neol

The Dynasty Studios team is delighted to announce our partnership with Neol and share our knowledge as a video game development company with them. Neol combines cohort-based learning and organizes online training programs in a decentralized way.

Together, we are looking forward to building new experiences and benefitting from each other’s expertise towards empowering future communities. 

Dynasty Supports Pride Month

At Dynasty, empowering diversity is one of our many superpowers! 

We are celebrating Pride month with our belief that freedom is the source of creativity and that we will grow even more as we keep authenticity alive.

We at Dynasty continue to show our support for LGBTQIA communities and have updated our company profile and wallpapers as well. Click here to check out our Pride media and enjoy the color and the love they bring to your screens!

Dynasty Meets to Celebrate Midsummer

At Dynasty, we have many team members joining us from across the world with core offices established in Denmark and Turkey. Having this level of diversity gives us the opportunity to celebrate different cultures. 

So we did!

Our team leads organized a meeting of the minds followed by a cheerful gathering where it’s all about eating, drinking, and celebrating our shared excitement about the future of Dynasty! 

We can’t wait to share and celebrate the groundbreaking news about Dynasty in the near future with you!

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Stay tuned and happy gaming!

The Dynasty Team


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