Discover Dynasty: September News 2022

September has been quite an exhilarating month at Dynasty as we engaged in group activities and explored topics to empower our employees. We were excited for the interactive discussions at the Women in Games Conference, the comradery at the DHL Run in Copenhagen, and receiving the latest Dynasty swag to show off.

Supporting Women In Games With Dynasty

A diverse team across Dynasty’s different departments gathered to attend the Women in Games Conference for two days of workshops, networking events, and presentations. Together they explored how topics of equality and fairness are key to building constructive initiatives in the gaming industry.

Want to support women with gaming careers? Here’s how.
Our very own Women in Games Ambassador, Natascha Nawrocki, is part of the Women in Games Marketing and Communications Group, that has initiated a way to gather information directed at the skill-building needs for women in the games industry. Please share or fill out this survey intended for women in the games industry to complete. We appreciate your support!

Dynasty Runs At DHL Copenhagen

Catch our Danish team out in the wild as they face the 5K race at this year’s DHL Run in Copenhagen! The DHL Run is a social walking and running event held every year in Denmark for local companies to rally together and promote physical fitness.

At Dynasty, we believe having an active lifestyle is a key element in a healthy everyday work-life balance, therefore we feel driven to support initiatives like this and be part of these kind of events.

It’s been a great opportunity to exercise, enjoy good food, and catch up with our colleagues while engaging in a playful competition among other top tier companies based in Copenhagen.

Showing Off Our New Dynasty Hoodies

After our team got fully equipped with new Dynasty sweaters we were eager to show it off. Our new hoodies feature a red hood interior with a subtle Dynasty logo in the center and top of the hood.

We took our new swag to the Mobidictum event in Istanbul and are excited to bring it to future events. Mobidictum Business Conference is one of Turkey’s leading game industry events and it was a great opportunity to connect with other game developers, publishers, and providers.

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Stay tuned and happy gaming!
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