Devs at Dynasty: Matias Civit

Join the chat with our Marketing Director Matias as he shares his view on working on the next curve in the gaming industry.

Through a series of interesting interview questions both inside and outside of gaming, the Devs at Dynasty articles give our fans a unique look into individuals working at Dynasty Studios.

What is your role at Dynasty Studios?

I’m the Marketing Director. 

My job is to ensure the marketing team has all the information and tools needed to find, excite and connect with players who would enjoy our game. 

In practical terms, I am mostly prepping presentations and taking meetings to keep everyone at Dynasty on board and excited with our plans while the rest of the team focuses on producing kick-ass videos, art, websites, SoMe posts etc.

What do you like best about working at Dynasty Studios? 

Everyone here sees the company’s true potential and are striving to create their best work yet. We have a clean slate with our first game and are excited to build an audience. 

What do you think sets Dynasty Studios apart from other game companies? 

We are determined and work hard, but in a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone is aware of the importance of a healthy work-life balance. It’s hard not to like this place.

What is your favorite color?

I change colors depending on my mood for the day.

What is your hometown?

There are a few places I call home. One is Buenos Aires, where I lived up to my late teens before moving to London for ten years, where I definitely laid some roots. Today I live in Stockholm, a place I did not count on living for too long, yet it has been 10 years here so far, and most of my family members are now born in Sweden; I guess that makes Stockholm my third home.  

Share a secret!

I’m working on a campaign for a fantastic new game. It feels great to be working on the next curve in the gaming industry.


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