Devs at Dynasty: Rikard Magnom

Read about Graphics Programmer Rikard’s work and find out what it takes for a video game level to look amazing.

Through a series of interesting interview questions both inside and outside of gaming, the Devs at Dynasty articles give our fans a unique look into individuals working at Dynasty Studios.

What is your role at Dynasty Studios?

I am a Graphics Programmer here at Dynasty. I tend to say it’s like being an artist except for the fact that I have no artistic talent; I just let the graphics card do the hard work. My work involves everything from crafting up cool effects for our games to working on underlying systems so that our talented designers can make some amazing looking levels!

I also spend a lot of time on profiling and optimization – trying my best to let the artists express their creative vision to the fullest while keeping everything within reasonable technical budgets.

What do you like best about working at Dynasty Studios?

I think probably the fact that we’re not afraid to try things out and cast judgment based on what we ourselves like and want to see as gamers. We throw a lot of things at the wall, we see what sticks and if it’s actually something we like, that’s what we go for. Coupled with the fact that everyone is welcome to throw things at said wall, something is bound to stick!

What do you think sets Dynasty Studios apart from other game companies?

I think it’s the fact that we’re a small company, that feels like a big company, that feels like a small company, if that makes sense. 

We’ve grown a lot lately which of course is amazing and all the positive aspects that come with that are nice, but at the same time we haven’t lost the cosy “small company” feeling. I love the fact that it really feels like we’re all on the same page working towards a common goal and there’s never any issues raising your own opinions, be they questions, comments, concerns or a potential stroke of genius!

What’s your favorite Pokémon and which starter Pokémon would you choose?

Favorite Pokémon is hard, but if I had to give one I would say the severely underrated Leafeon. A powerhouse of a physically attacking grass type with great defense too!

For starter Pokémon I’m gonna be unconventional and say Shinx even though it’s technically not a starter. It has two evolutions, is incredibly cute and is an awesome physical electric type, how cool is that. 😎

What is your favorite video game and why?

Saying anything other than World of Warcraft would probably be disingenuous. I started playing at a young age and while it waxes and wanes I’ve never truly quit and I don’t think I intend to either. It is the game that sparked my interest for getting into game development, the game that has made me many friends way beyond the time I spent with them in-game, and the game I can always come back to and feel at home. 

It has taught me everything from organization and leadership (read: trying to shepherd 40 disorderly gamers), to scripting and programming in the form of add-on development!

What is your favorite ice cream?

High quality vanilla ice cream is frankly amazing and dismissing it because it is the “default” flavor is just heresy.


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