Devs at Dynasty: Scott “Mobi” Jasper

See how Sr. Community Manager Scott generates a well-grounded environment for both gamers and devs!

Through a series of interesting interview questions both inside and outside of gaming, the Devs at Dynasty articles give our fans a special look into individuals working at Dynasty Studios.

What is your role at Dynasty Studios?

I’m Scott “Mobi” Jasper, Senior Community Manager, at Dynasty and my role is to help convey our company’s visions and engage with our audiences over social platforms. I work closely with social media managers and marketing artists to create news and gather player feedback.

Helping others and informing the team about player concerns is a major part of the development to make our games even better. I check out upcoming content with our designers and join playtests to learn about what is in development and help plan future announcements. 

What do you like best about working remotely at Dynasty Studios?

Over the past few years, working remotely has become more common and accommodating. I still get to see teammates “face to face” and it’s super interesting to learn about culture from Denmark, Turkey, and other traditions across the world. 

In my current area of Florida, I am really fond of all the fantastic foods, local events, and warm weather. As a Community Manager, it is handy to have someone be more available during North American hours as well. 

What do you think sets Dynasty Studios apart from other game companies?  

It’s wonderful to work at Dynasty Studios where we like to bounce ideas and share knowledge with each other. We are innovators that inspire each other to create one of a kind experiences and games. The company culture is really energizing as we discuss the latest trends we see on socials and new developments in the industry.

What is your favorite dinosaur?

Ankylosaurus! Although I am a huge fan of all dinosaurs, the armored back and that heavy club tail of the ankylosaurus have always been fascinating to me. It’s built like a tank and can hold its own against many. I’m a big fan of turtles, pangolins, and other interestingly armored creatures as well.

Share a secret!

I am actually colorblind and sometimes get certain colors mixed up. For example, I can sometimes have difficulty distinguishing the difference between blue & purple, red & green, and even pink & gray.

Don’t let a disability like this slow you down, and try to take advantage when you can. When I started out in QA and was testing new features, I often provided feedback on ways the game’s UI could be improved to be more colorblind-friendly.

Where do you want to visit next and why?

Japan has always been on the top of my list of places to visit and it would be great to see family there, too. It would be incredible to see historic areas, shrines, and other landmarks. I want to see many interesting game stores and try new foods along the way.

Additionally, I would love to take a Euro trip at some point. It would be great to visit several countries and meet up with my co-workers in Copenhagen and Istanbul!


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