Devs at Dynasty: Elvin Özsahin

Through a series of interesting interview questions both inside and outside of gaming, the Devs at Dynasty articles give our fans a special look into individuals working at Dynasty Studios.

What is your role at Dynasty Studios?

I am a 3D Environment Artist at Dynasty Studios. My job is to 3D model and texture game assets based on the drawings done by our concept artists.

I work closely with our art director, concept artists as well as other 3D artists to reach the exact look and visual storytelling we aim for in our game environments.

What do you like best about working at Dynasty Studios in Istanbul?

I am still quite new to the game industry. It has been nearly 2 years since I graduated and started to work as a 3D Environment Artist in games. 

I was able to gain a lot of experience working with our art director as well as my coworkers at Dynasty Studios. I am always thankful for their support and advice. Therefore, what I like best about our company is that I get to be a part of an ever-growing and supporting team.

What do you think sets Dynasty Studios apart from other game companies?

I think Dynasty Studios has great core values. Having the gamers and gameplay as the main focus in our work keeps me motivated. As a gamer myself, I am glad to be a part of our team. 

I also think that our company is flexible and allows room for all kinds of criticism and feedback. Whether you are from a different department rarely matters, all ideas are welcomed. Thus, there is always an opportunity for growth through teamwork.

What other interests would you like to pursue if you had to work outside of gaming?

If I wasn’t a big fan of games, I would probably work in the film industry either as an animator or a 3D modeler. I studied 3D animation at college so that was quite possible if I had to work elsewhere.

A small secret of mine… I often sneaked into senior game design classes at my university. No wonder I ended up as a game artist.

What is the first video game you remember playing?

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on PlayStation 2. I remember watching my brother and cousins fighting over the console controller. Sadly, as the youngest, I would rarely get to play.

Nonetheless, as I grew older watching was obviously not enough, so I joined the fight for the controller or the mouse. Even though it was futile at times, I had my victories 😊

What is your favorite chess piece?

I would say the pawn. They play such an important part in positioning and defending. Can probably decide the fate of the game. Not to mention, they can also become any chess piece except the king.

Almost depicting a story of an underdog becoming a hero if a chess game was a movie.


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